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Mega Bundles to chart your course

A new Level Design Mega Bundle Sale! This Mega Bundle sale runs through May 31, 2021 11:59:59 PT, and you can save more than 90% off three curated sets of top quality assets and tools, perfect for designing the user journey of their game in a purposeful way. 

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Unity Partner Courses

Each of their online courses comes with step-by-step professional instruction and hands-on projects. Unity partnered with the best learning platforms and trainers to create the only Unity authorized courses on the market. Choose the course that’s right for you and get on the road to mastering Unity!

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Unity Learn Premium

Unity is committed to supporting its community of creators during these uncertain times by making Learn Premium  available to all users at no cost. Get access to Unity experts, live interactive sessions, on-demand learning resources, and more.

The best way to learn Unity, from the makers of Unity

Demand for real-time 3D development skills is growing fast. Stay ahead of the curve with learning resources for specializations across industries – created by Unity experts.

Get direct guidance from Unity Certified Instructors in biweekly, interactive sessions and go deeper into intermediate and advanced topics with Unity Learn Premium.

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Unity MARS

AR creators, Unity has thought of you!

Unity MARS is a new, specialized authoring environment that includes tools and UI that give augmented reality developers the power to prototype, test, and deliver intelligent AR experiences. 

This new product does require a Unity license and has a separate subscription, however there is a 45-day free trial available here. Every subscription tier, including Personal is supported. 

Get Unity Plus

More functionality and resources to power your projects. 

Eligible to use if your revenue or funding is less than $200K in the last 12 months.

• Latest version of the Core Platform

• Splash screen customization

• Live-Ops analytics

• Real-time cloud diagnostics

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Get Unity Pro

Complete solution for professionals to create, operate and monetize.

If your revenue or funding is greater than $200K in the last 12 months, you are required to use Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise.

• Everything in Plus

• Three seats of Unity Teams Advanced

• Priority Customer Service

• Priority access to Success Advisors

• Custom options available

• Technical support

• Integrated Success Services

• Source code access

• Build Server license capacity

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