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All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

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Secret Sales and Discounts on Asset Store

Game developers can never get enough great assets –  whether it’s 3D models, sounds or scripts. Unfortunately, with so many assets on the Asset Store, you’ll never keep track of them all, and new offers come and go daily. Check it out.

‍ Fresh Assets 50% off


Humble Bundle

Limited time only. Save on 200+ new and trending assets on Unity Asset Store. Check it out

‍ The Best of Synty Game Dev Assets #1


Humble Bundle

Prepare to embark on a game development journey like no other with this bundle from Synty Studios, a leading asset publisher creating 3D low poly art game development assets for Unity and Unreal. Check it out

‍ Audio Odyssey


Humble Bundle

Get all the audio you’ll ever need for your games, with thisbundle of royalty-free music and sound FX! Dedicated packs that span Sound FX and themes and genres—from fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, to ambient, classical, and chiptunes. Check it out

Unity Publisher Sale: Procedural Worlds 50% OFF


Unity Asset Store

Procedural Worlds creates tools to help you build 3D worlds in Unity. Join the community of over 150,000 game developers and transform your gaming vision into breathtaking reality. Check it out

Giveaway: Add Mega Stamp Bundle to your cart, then enter the coupon code PROCEDURALWORLDS2023 at checkout to get it for free. No purchase necessary.* Ends September 28, 2023 at 7:59am PT

‍ The Complete Godot Software Bundle


Humble Bundle

Master Godot—the lightweight, fast, and free game engine. This bundle will get you building platformers, RPGs, first-person shooters, city-builders, strategy games, and more—no prior experience required!  Check it out

Just an incredible communications disaster? Unity Runtime Fee the end of Unity Plus and what it can mean for you.


Image: Alex E. Proimos - Caïn venant de tuer son frère Abel, by Henri Vidal in Tuileries Garden in Paris, France CC BY 2.0

(UPDATED September 14) Two significant changes were made to Unity's pricing yesterday.

The really good thing first: You can now use Unity Personal completely independent of your revenue, because the rule that individuals or companies making more than $100K in revenue have to use Unity Plus or Pro has been removed!

Unity Publisher Sale: Composer Squad Assets 50% off


Unity Asset Store

Composer Squad crafts emotionally immersive music to enhance any game or project. Their versatile musical compositions across various genres shape thousands of games, films, and projects all over the world. Check it out

Giveaway: Add Discovery & Exploration Music Batch to your cart, then enter the coupon code COMPOSERSQUAD at checkout to get it for free. No purchase necessary.* Ends September 21, 2023 at 7:59am PT

Unity Publisher Sale: A-ravlik Assets 50% off


Unity Asset Store

A-ravlik creates 2D assets for game projects. With 10 years of experience as a 2D artist, the founder of A-ravlik has created a small but capable team of artists. Check it out

Giveaway: Add Characters Cards pack 01 to your cart, then enter the coupon code ARAVLIK at checkout to get it for free. at checkout to get it for free. No purchase necessary. Ends September 14, 2023 at 7:59am PT

‍ The 2023 Learn Unity Game Development Bundle


Humble Bundle

Get assets to help create your game projects, learn how to make a 2D RPG combat system, VR experience, turn-based strategy game, visual scripting, multiplayer, network coding, and more. Multiple courses being made available for the first time. Check it out

Sci-fi Sale on Asset Store


Unity Asset Store

Boldly go to the next level. Save 50% on futuristic assets to help you create at warp speed. Check it out

Publisher Sale: Omabuarts Studio 50% OFF


Unity Asset Store

Omabuarts Studio is best known for the signature Quirky Series, featuring hundreds of animals in a cute and wacky style. Their art is suitable for different platforms, and has been used in various titles. Check it out

Giveaway: Add Quirky Series - River Animals Vol 1 to your cart, then enter the coupon code OMABUARTS at checkout to get it for free. at checkout to get it for free. No purchase necessary. Ends September 7, 2023 at 7:59am PT

‍ Fantasy and Sci Fi Essentials for Unity


Humble Bundle

Propel your Unity game project to new heights of visual fidelity with this massive sci-fi and fantasy asset bundle, crafted by some of the dev scene’s most esteemed content creation studios! As a bonus, you’ll also get a voucher for the Asset Store.  Check it out

‍ Game Dev Royalty Free Mega Music Bundle


Humble Bundle

Craft the soundtrack to your quests, the beats to your battles, and the perfect audio backdrop for your game world with this epic bundle of royalty-free music! 50 music packs suited for a wide variety of game genres and styles. Check it out

Publisher Sale: Dekogon Studios 50% OFF


Unity Asset Store

Dekogon is an art outsource studio composed of experienced contract industry veterans who create the best content for professionals, companies, students, and clients. Check it out

Giveaway: Add Medieval - VOL 7 - Craftsman Tools to your cart, then enter the coupon code DEKOGON at checkout to get it for free. No purchase necessary. Ends August 3, 2023 at 7:59am PT

Link to 221B Asset Street facebook page
Link to 221B Asset Street Twitter page

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